Here’s why you need an oilfield accident lawyer

Oilfields are dangerous for obvious reasons, and workers working in these hard circumstances often suffer the most serious injuries in blowouts and similar accidents. No matter the circumstances, you need to focus on your recovery and should seek immediate medical attention. Follow your doctor’s advice and ensure you don’t deviate from the recommended treatment plan. One of the essential steps is to contact an oilfield accident lawyer, and you can click here if you wish to get a free case assessment. If you think workers’ compensation insurance will cover all losses, you are mistaken. Here’s why hiring a legal team is so relevant and necessary.

You are up against big insurers, and your employer

Oilfield companies are backed by top insurance companies, and we all know that insurers don’t care for claimants. If you fail to notify your employer on time or don’t take appropriate steps, you may not even get the workers’ comp benefits. Your attorney is your best bet at ensuring you don’t settle immediately and feel intimidated by the parties involved. If you choose to go solo with the claim, there is little chance you will understand the full picture. After all, you are not a legal expert.

Your lawyer can take steps

As soon as you contact an oilfield accident lawyer, they will initiate an investigation. Because they have fought for clients and victims in the past, they know the obligatory steps. They will gather the essential evidence and negotiate with the opposing parties on your behalf. Depending on the circumstances, they can file a lawsuit and enforce your rights in the most appropriate way possible. They are also aware of the legal process concerning oilfield accidents. Having an attorney is the best to reduce stress and minimize unwanted delays.

How much will an oilfield accident lawyer charge?

Much like other types of injury lawsuits, lawyers take a contingency fee for oilfield accident cases too. The lawyer gets a share of the settlement, which is only payable when you win. If you don’t have the immediate financial backing to afford legal steps, you should still meet an attorney and discuss the facts. They can guide you on the best ways to recover compensation that is justified for your situation.

If you haven’t worked with an oilfield accident lawyer in the past, ensure you ask around for referrals. Schedule an appointment for which you don’t need to pay a fee.

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