Ceramic Braces: Use, Cost, Effectiveness

Are you considering going the braces route to fix your orthodontic issues? Today, many people are opting for ceramic braces over traditional braces.

Clueless about what ceramic braces are and how they are different from your traditional metal braces? No worries, we will tell you everything you need to know before you opt for ceramic braces. 

What are ceramic braces? 

While traditional braces have metal wires and brackets, ceramic braces allow you to discreetly fix your orthodontic problems. Ceramic braces, also referred to as invisible braces, have tooth-coloured brackets which are made from ceramic and clear wires. 

Just like traditional braces, they exert pressure on your teeth and push them to their desired location and fix your orthodontic problems like crossbite, overbite, underbite, etc. 

How effective are ceramic braces? 

The effectiveness of ceramic braces depends on the severity of your orthodontic problem. While ceramic braces can treat minor to moderate levels of orthodontic problems, they might not be able to treat advanced cases of overcrowding or severe misalignment. 

Traditional braces are more effective in treating severe orthodontic problems as the ceramic material in ceramic braces is not formulated to withstand as much force as the traditional metal braces. 

Use of ceramic braces

Wondering what invisible braces can do? Here are some of the uses and advantages of ceramic braces. 

  • Gives you straight teeth 

Just like traditional braces, they can be used to treat both serious and cosmetic alignment problems. So, people who suffer from crooked teeth, crossbite, underbite or overbite can now get straight teeth with the help of ceramic braces. 

Note that ceramic braces take the same amount of time as traditional braces to fix your orthodontic issues. 

  • Allow you to have a less painful experience 

Since ceramic is not as harsh as metal, ceramic braces are said to be less painful in comparison to traditional metal braces which are infamous for giving you cuts and bruises on your gums.

  • Fix your orthodontic issues without feeling self-conscious 

Traditional metal braces are no doubt effective in giving you straight pearly whites but they undoubtedly reduce your self-esteem and make you feel conscious of your smile throughout the treatment period. 

That is where ceramic braces come into the picture. They are as effective in treating your teeth as traditional braces but they do it subtly. However, keep in mind that ceramic braces stain easily as they have white or clear elastic bands. 

Who should consider getting ceramic braces? 

Ceramic braces are a great teeth straightening option for people who want a discreet teeth straightening method. It is also a perfect fit for people who are allergic to metal and cannot opt for traditional metal braces. 

Cost of ceramic braces 

The cost of ceramic braces depends on numerous factors right from your location, the experience of the orthodontist, the quality of the material used to the severity of your dental case. 

Ceramic braces are slightly more expensive than traditional metal braces as they undoubtedly provide more comfort and because of their superior aesthetics.  Typically, it will cost you anywhere between 60,000 to 1,00,000 to get ceramic braces.

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