The top 10 Indian bowlers in terms of wickets

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If you look at the top 10 wicket-takers in Indian cricket, it is expected that spinners would rule the list. But to the surprise of many, there are some fast bowlers who are on the list too. Kapil Dev started all of it with 434 test wickets, and a few of the bowlers have gone on to overtake them. Even in cricket upcoming match, you would find a few wicket-takers being added to the list. Let us flip through the top 10 Indian wicket-takers.

Anil Kumble

Starting of the man who has taken the greatest number of wickets for India in test cricket is Anil Kumble. He has taken 619 wickets, and his career has spanned over a period of 18 years. One of the best leg spinners to have played the game of cricket and ranks among the top 5 test bowlers of all time. Against England, in the year 1990, he went on to make his test debut and in cricket circles has the nickname of Jumbo. This is mainly due to the steep bounce he could generate on any docile surface.

R Ashwin

He has 442 test wickets in test cricket and does expect the numbers to add up with the number of test matches he keeps on playing. After having made his debut in the year 2011 he has gone on to emerge as one of the most prolific bowlers for team India in test match cricket. He is known for his unique variety of deliveries and can outsmart the batsman at any point in time. Especially his carrom bowl has been a nightmare for the batsman to pick. He is also a handy lower-order bat.

Kapil Dev

He has 434 wickets to his credit and happens to be one of the greatest all-rounders that world cricket has seen. He held the record of 434 wickets for a considerable period of time until Anil Kumble overtook him. Having made his debut in 1978, he played his last test in 1994. Along with it, he is the first Indian bowler to have taken 400 wickets. He could hammer the ball into any part of the ground.

Harbhajan Singh

The current politician in Rajya Sabha was a nightmare for the opponents. In his playing career, he went on to take 417 test wickets, though most of them were on Indian pitches. At the mere age of 17 years, he went on to make his debut, and there has been no turning back since that point in time. Between the years 1998 and 2015, he went on to play Test cricket for 18 years and, along with Anil Kumble, formed a patent partnership. He is the first Indian off-spinner to get 400 Test wickets.

Ishant Sharma

With 311 wickets, the tall fast bowler from Delhi makes it No. 5 on our list. Though recent injuries and a dip in form have seen him on the sidelines, he is making efforts to come back to the team. He played his first test in 2007, and it was during the Australian tour from 2007 to 2008 that he made his mark in international cricket. In cricketing circles, he is known as a workhorse, and after Kapil Dev, he is the only fast bowler to have played 100 test matches.

Zaheer Khan

The left-hand pace bowler has 311 test wickets to his name. Before the emergence of the current crop of fast bowlers, he was the leader of the pace bowling attack for a considerable period of time. He made his test debut in the year 2000 and went on to play his last test for India in the year 2014. In addition, he was accurate, and his greatest ability was to swing the ball both ways.

Bishan Singh Bedi

He was rated to be among the best slow ball bowlers in the decade of the 1970s. During his playing career, he went on to capture 266 test wickets. Between the years 1966 to 1979, he went on to play test cricket that stretched for 14 years. He went on to form a great partnership with B. Chandrashekhar. He has around 14 five-wicket hauls in test cricket, and among the left–hand spinners in India, he has the greatest number of wickets.

Ravindra Jadeja

The left-hand all-rounder from CSK and team India ranks after Kapil Dev and to some extent R Ashwin as one of the greatest all-rounders in India. Along with Ashwin, he forms a deadly spinning duo that has gone on to become a nightmare for the opposition team. His first appearance came in the year 2012 in Test cricket, and from that juncture, there has been no turning back. His bowling average is bettered by only one cricketer in the team and that is R Ashwin. Along with it, he is a handy left-handed batsman.

BS Chandrashekhar

Before Anil Kumble came onto the scene, he was the greatest leg spinner that India had produced. In those days, along with Bedi, he was the epitome of trickery. His test career lasted between the years 1964 to 1979 and has gone on to capture 242 test wickets.

Javagal Srinath

Our list would not be complete without the mention of the man from Karnataka. He is one of the few fast bowlers in test cricket who never had any form of sledging for the batsman.  He was responsible for the ball doing the talking, and it would be fair to say that he is one of the fastest bowlers India has ever gone on to produce. He went on to capture 236 test wickets in his playing career. Due to his calm influence currently, he is working as a match referee. He did carry the mantle of being the leader of the attack in the 1990s, and his swing bowling was really difficult to pick. If he would have got support from the other end his numbers would have improved at a considerable level.

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